Release Notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Default template_repos dir rather than assignment_repos (@lwasser, #327)

  • Overhaul fixtures, support moving different type of files & fix codecov ci (@lwasser, #273, #172)


  • Moving to github actions in this release as well (@lwasser)

  • Move clone into a stand alone package function (@lwasser, #319)

  • Add fixtures to conftest for universal abc setup (@lwasser, #316)

  • Fix CI to force mac to build on python 3.8 and fix linux matrix / tox versions (@lwasser, #303)


  • Update the default config to use classroom_roster.csv which is the default GH classroom filename (@lwasser, #297)

  • Setup windows testing using github actions (@lwasser, #300)

  • Add scrub argument to abc-feedback to clean hidden tests from html (@lwasser, #290, #238)


  • Add files_to_ignore to skip moving certain files (@lwasser, #172, #278)

  • Clone dir copies assignments into an assignment-name dir rather than cloned dir root (@lwasser, #276)

  • Fix manifest file to bundle example-data not example-files dir (@lwasser, #272 take two)


  • Update manifest to bundle example-data directory (@lwasser, #272)

  • This patch also includes an extensive reorganization of the documentation. There is no GitHub issue associated with this effort. (@lwasser)


  • Copy / create extra files from an extra_files directory rather than having them specified in config (@kcranston, #195)

  • Changed markdown documents to .rst to remove m2r as a dependency (@nkorinek, #210)

  • NOTE - there was a package bundling issue in 0.1.0-0.1.3 that was resolved in this release


  • Check whether local repo has uncommitted changes before trying to commit (@kcranston, #182)

  • Update quickstart to use sample config and config functions (@kcranston, #160, #142)


  • Fix bug with adding assignments to config (@kcranston, #161)

  • Fix feedback bug reported on slack (@kcranston)

  • Major update to documentation (@kcranston)


  • Add console script for cloning student repos (@kcranston, new functionality)

  • Add feedback script to push reports to student repos (@kcranston, new functionality)

  • quickstart tests create directories using pytest tmp_path fixture (@kcranston, #151)

  • Codacy checks ignore assert statements used in tests (@kcranston, #158)

  • Fix abc-init to reflect new location of github auth functions (@kcranston, #163)

  • Replace nbgrader with generic course_materials name in config and code (@kcranston, #133)


  • Change template functionality so that assignment name provided by user is not modified by abc-classroom (no longer add coursename as prefix) (@kcranston, #137)

  • Add each new assignment to an assignments section of the config (@kcranston, #138)

  • Fix config.yml to ensure gitignore file has a period at the beginning, update docs (@lwasser, #124)

  • Add assignment template functionality (@kcranston, #105)

  • Fix RTD build to ensure API reference and other docs build properly (#113, #114, @lwasser)

  • Add code of conduct, and md support (m2r) to build (#126, @lwasser)

  • Add documentation for abc-init (#74, @nkorinek)

  • Updated documentation for previous abc-classroom functionality (@kcranston)

  • Added command abc-quickstart to set up file directory for users(#90, @nkorinek)

  • Add a new console script that creates a template repository for an assignment (@kcranston, #79, #73)


  • Change tracking started also added basic infrastructure for docs, autodoc, travis-ci testing and sphinx enhancements (@lwasser)

  • In this release some docstrings were updated. (@lwasser)

Note that this is the beginning of the change log so issues aren’t identified here but will be in the future.