The settings for abc-classroom are in a configuration file. By default, this file is called “config.yml” and is located in the course directory. If you used `abc-quickstart, this file is created for you.


Enter the path to the classroom roster. If you enter a bare filename, abc-classroom will look in the course directory for the file. If your roster file is somewhere else, you can enter a full path to the file, e.g. /home/user/directory/filename.csv.

Default: roster: classroom_roster.csv


This is a list of file patterns that you do not want to copy from your assignment release directory to the github template repo. These may be system files, checkpoints or other files that are created by various tools and operating system functions.

Use quoted wildcards, e.g. ‘*.csv’, to ignore all files that match a pattern.


You must use quotes around wildcard entries in order to avoid yaml parsing errors (in yaml, an unquoted * is treated as an alias).


- .DS_Store
- .ipynb_checkpoints
- '*.csv'