Install abc-classroom & Setup GitHub Authentication

Installation Instructions

To install the release version of abc-classroom:

pip install abc-classroom

If you want the development version, you can install directly from GitHub:

$ pip install git+git://

Setup GitHub Authentication

In order to interact with GitHub (to create template repositories or push to student repositories), abc-classroom uses a personal access token. Follow the steps below to create your GitHub token for abc-classroom. You only need to create this token once.

1. Install and setup git

If you aren’t already using git, use the instructions below to install and setup git:

2. Create your personal access token

Run abc-init at the command line to create your GitHub personal access token:

$ abc-init

abc-classroom will ask for your GitHub username and password. Enter those into the command line prompts. This step does two things:

  • creates a token called ABC-classroom workflow helper on GitHub. You can view your personal access tokens at

  • stores the token locally in a file called .abc-classroom.tokens.yml in your home directory.

Running abc-init if you already have a token simply checks that the .abc-classroom.tokens.yml file exists on your computer and outputs GitHub token present and valid.


If you wish to use abc-classroom with a different GitHub account, then you will have to delete or move this token file. You can then run abc-init and re-authenticate with a different username.